After a basic site setup, it is time to optimize it for search.

I spent some time on cookie-cutter WordPress search engine optimization (SEO) today. I added the Yoast plugin and did a basic configuration. Then I scanned it and fixed a few simple issues including noindexes and missing robots(dot)txt file. Next I configured Twitter previews (I doubt anyone will share on Facebook yet). Finally I verified the site in Google Search Console.

The SEO analysis did not turn out great- the site got a relatively low score, and my short posts are not helping. Apparently I am supposed to be writing a minimum of 300 words, but I tend to write about 100 or less. That’s probably because I am typically writing this at night when I’ve run out of words. You can consider this paragraph a bit of filler for the SEO analysis.

Last modified: June 22, 2019



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