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Creating an Urbit – server setup

Now that I had a bonafide ‘ship’ to launch, I had to decide where to initially host it. I decided to put it on the same server as my current WordPress site, to save hosting fees. The droplet I have is a little small, so there were some minor config changes required, mainly to set... » read more

Creating an Urbit

Somehow I ended up following @bronzejaguar on Twitter, which made me aware that now the Urbit project (https://urbit.org) has spawned a marketplace of planets. I’d been following Urbit loosely for a while, but now it looked like something I could play with. I’m going to write up the steps I took this afternoon to install... » read more

Setting up the new Windows Terminal (preview)

Microsoft just released the new Windows Terminal in preview in the Windows Store (see here). Here’s how I set it up. First I installed the Ubuntu app in the Windows Store. This required a reboot. I opened this app and it took a little time to do a one-time setup. Once that was done, I... » read more

Continuing to setup the website…

I noticed some issues in my security plugin’s traffic analysis, so I updated the site to block access to a file that is often targeted by hackers. I also added a firewall at the droplet level. In order to solve the MailChimp API issue referenced in my earlier post, I had to add some DNS... » read more

Salesforce DX and GitLab

A few weeks after I created a CI/CD pipeline in Jenkins for Salesforce DX projects with source code in GitLab, I decided to create a similar pipeline directly in GitLab. Then I found out Salesforce and GitLab kindly did most of the work already! Thanks Salesforce and GitLab! https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/2019/05/gitlab-salesforce-devops-made-easy.html

Terminal on phone

Trying out an application called Termius to SSH into the instance from my phone- works great. Not sure why I would need this yet, but nice to explore.

WooCommerce config

Spent some time today setting up the Stripe account, including configuring Apple Pay. Added MailChimp but currently getting some error with connectivity: here’s the detail from MailChimp’s knowledgebase: “cURL error 6: Couldn’t resolve host This indicates a problem with the DNS setup on your hosting server. Please ask your hosting provider for help.” I think... » read more

Added WooCommerce (why not)

I installed the WooCommerce plugin yesterday. Added a couple payment options (Stripe is default, which explains their growth entirely). It reported some issue with geolocation so I had to download a tar file and unzip it in the wp-content folder. After renaming the file it worked. I will look into ‘products’ next but don’t have... » read more